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Congrats Auntie Margie on your success and may God continue to bless your life. Love you always!!
Margie, This is the type of music I listen to. I really enjoyed it and will buy from iTunes. Keep up the Good inspired music.
What a beautiful song, Mrs. Benjamin! I don't think I told you this in class, but I am a big fan of Christian music and this is a great edition to my collection. What a relevant song for the week, going to my "next level" at the airport! Thank you for sharing your music with me and I will be sure to stay posted.
My son, Bruce and I purchased " The Next Level" single this morning from Google Play and OMG! What a great workout inspiration song!..... My next level is to be healthier and debt free. May God forever bless you, and yes, we are waiting on the CD to be completed this spring..... your sister, Priscilla
Thank you for the new song because," I can See my Level."I am going back to school and tell all of my friends about this amazing song.Once again you have did an outstanding job Aunt Margie.
May The Lord Continue Blessing And Ordering Your Steps...Yes Indeed We Are Going To The Next Level In Him :)
Can't wait to hear the entire song. May God continue to bless you and keep you in his care as you go forth in your ministry.
Thank you for my inspiration. In 2015, I AM GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. I love you and may God forever bless you.
I am waiting on the New 2011 CD release.. Keep singing for the LORD.. Remember this... I'm going to do what I can do, so God can do what I can't do.
Hey Margie keep doing what you doing and continue to be bless I love your music not only are you beautiful but you have a beautiful voice and you can really sing I can listen to you all day.
Greetings my dear... Hope you are enjoying your birthday. Can't wait to see you perform in person. Its been so many years... I am so glad to witness this great songstress doing Gods work. Trust and Be Blessed.. Until we meet again...
Hi my sister, again so proud of you..keep moving forward. The best is yet to come for ya!!!
Wonderful site, wonderful sounds! I didn't even know, just stumbled upon it from FB! God is good!
Love the site! Hope all is well. May God continue to richly bless you always! Love and miss ya! :-) -jennifer love
I see God doing a work in you continue to walk into your destiny. Thanks for being a pioneer for other young women to follow. The devil can't hold you when you have that living water inside you. Shout your way through daily a SHAKE for breakfast, a SHAKE for lunch, and a SHAKE for dinner My God, My God he is good. Love ya!
I miss you sis!
I love what you are doing. When praises go up, the blessing will come down. Praise God!
Hey Margie. I love the song it's a done deal. Very Inspirational! Blessings on the next album.
Your ministry is really missed by me and O.B. I hope to see you soon maybe out here or out there! Love & Prayers - Laurie
I love your intro song...keep it up Margie!!
Evang Benjamin it is so good to see what God is doing with and through you. We've watched you down through the years while at SOF and thank the Lord for your Godly walk and anointed voice. Keep it up young lady. You haven't seen nothing yet. All our love, Pastor & Evang. Bond
remember i told you that I would visit ur website...your music is amazing.You have a beautiful voice...The LORD would increase you on every side
Great website.... go girl!
continue to let God use you. love Brandie
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
Hey Margie... So proud of you, and proud to be one of your youth from the SOFCC, from way back in the early 90s!
Hello Margie had'nt talk to you in a while..just want to support your work for the you..GOD bless
Margie you have come forth as pure gold. Your music is praise to our savior and warfare to our enemy. I thank the lord for all of your success over the years. keep letting the lord use you. forever best friends Mignon Tolbert
Just thinking of you and praying that God's richest blessings will continue to be manifest in your life. Marty and I and the family of God in So Cal love you.
Hey! awesome!awesome!awesome! I was very impressed with your music. God has a heavy annointing on you. Continue to allow him to use you for his glory because its all about him. God bless you.
Margie - I miss you and I love you and I am so happy to see that you are doing well. By the way, this is Kellie from SOF and I hope to hear from you soon.
I'm happy very good site
Min. Margie - Thank God - the Most High!!! Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with the world. I really enjoyed website, and the little snipets of music. Keep up the work of the Lord and remember I am there when you need me!
hey lady just want to say congrats! again, be encouraged and may the Lord continue to annoint you for his purposes!!!
Hello Sis Margie! Your website is truly awesome!!! You are truly an annointed and God inspiring woman. I can't wait to hear your music. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you as a director, minister, and woman of God. Keep doing his work, you are encouraging. God Bless! Your VIP Sis, Kim Walker
Hello margie, I have seen you at The juanita Bynum revival, Girl it has been such a blessing. And I must say you add to the blessing you go girl. stay blessed. Monique.
Min. Margie, what a lovely website! May God continue to bless your life and your ministry. We still miss you here at 'The shield'.
I love what I see on this web page. God bless you. We are here in Birmingham Alabama, pastor and founder of the Bishop Isaiah Jackson Worship Center, Inc. 213 8th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35204 Do pray for our work here in Alabama. ( 205) 250-5121
Well Praise the Lord in Jesus' name! I was surfing for SOFCC churches and your name popped up. I was shocked to hear you sing. I knew you could preach. And I didn't realize that you had moved from California. So many changes. I always appreciated you and looked forward to seeing you at the fellowships. Your Sister in Christ, 1st Lady Dillard Strong Tower Apostolic Community Church
Hi Margie, I stumbled upon your website and I am so impressed. Thank you so much for being there for me when we lost Jonathan. The journal is almost full! Love Ya!
Hey Marge! I just got through looking through your website and I am so happy for you! I pray that God continues to bless your ministry. I love you, Rishae
hey Godmama!! i lovethe site...your gonna have to put our pictures on here too. your music is off the hook. i listened to all the clips and songs, u are truly blessed and immensely talented i love it !!!! dont forget to send me my CD okay. i cant wait. well ttyl always, {{::Moe::}}
Look at God Margie!!! I am so glad that I have you a part of my are a wonderful mentor!!!!
Oh!!! I love it Margie!! I am so proud of you! You are so beautiful & such an inspiration to me!!!God bless you & everything that you achieve to do! Please dont forget that I am your # 1 fan! And yes Margie, I did see my picture:when you were singing at the convention when I was interpreting for you! Remember that I'm your girl to sign for you! I love you!!!
Hi! You are a co-worker with my daughter, Bunny, at Allstate. Your music is beautiful (just as she said). I have been praying for someone like you to come across her path. God Bless You and Your Endeavord! God is GOOD! ALL the time!
I am really enjoying you CD. Great Job!! Keep up the good work. May God bless you and keep you in His ways.
Keep up the good work. listening to your cd today has given me strength in more ways than you could even possible imagine. Thank you for sharing your beatiful voice with us. You are definitely a blessing from a higher source.
Continue to allow God to use you in every way possible and become the woman that he chose you to be.
Great job
I am proud of you... keep up the good work & music