Margie Benjamin



Margie Benjamin - Artist

Enjoy the ministry of this soul-stirring songstress; born & raised on the coast of Georgia.  As a child, she started singing with her siblings as they ministered in their father’s church and throughout the southeast area of Georgia and South Carolina. Continuing in her love for music, she joined choirs and ensembles in school and local communities.

In 1988, she moved to southern California to pursue her higher level of education, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Religious Education. Music classes in college along with lots of practicing, has helped her polish her skills as a singer.  Her singing and gift of teaching has afforded her to share stages and open up for many national gospel artists, groups and evangelists. 

In 2000, she moved to Southeast Michigan. There she began to learn and experience the how to’s of the music business industry. And in 2003, she took a step of faith toward producing her first solo project, entitled,"In Spirit and In Truth". 

Within three years, she released her second album, "Healing Rain",  working with an independent music producer out of Indiana. Truly God has been expanding her territory.  

In 2015, she released her single, "The Next Level", which is also a track on her now released CD, "Holy Spirit Rain".


Pastor Margie Benjamin is a servant to God's people. Her songs bring healing and deliverance, inspiration and revelation, declaring the God Inspired Word through music.  She is positioned now more than ever before to make great strides toward the promises that God has for her and for his people.